wal-mart scamI bought a Bissel Easy Vac at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and thought I was getting a pretty sweet deal because it was $10 off the regular price of 49.88 – but after taking a closer look I noticed the regular price which was on the floor sample was $39.88 – so I complained that it was fraud to show a falsely high regular price in order to trick consumers into thinking they got a deal.  The manager apologized and gave me $10 off so the new price was $29.88 and I was sure that was a deal!!!  I totally forgot about it (and don’t even remember which Wal-Mart this happened at) but am pretty sure it is the one in Richmond Hill, on Major Mackenzie Drive.  Anyways, I saw this picture on my iPhone and remembered how upset I was, so here is your warning!